Warrior Cats

I have a deep passion of reading random books on watt pad about Warrior Cat.I can like only read Warriors.Its a horrible habit but I am addicted to the max.Nothing that is non Warrior won’t come to me.I love Warriors

I even write my own book.

I know!I know..

I need help of stop reading these.



My Family & Friends

I am going to tell you a bit about my family.Maybe a paragraph each.

Tara(Me)I have longish brown hair,deep brown eyes.I am shy,go with the flow.Kinda bubbly if you know for a while.Really odd.I like to use the fake name NAOMI Blueheart.But it is TARA MARIE Callahan.I have a twin.I am tall for my age.I am very overprotective of my family.Say anything about them,you are beat up, in flesh or mind.Dating someone.Has Ashma.

Tyler.My twin.Short dark brown hair.Lighter brown eyes.Short.Into elelectionites.Doesn’t care about anything.Quiet.Currently not dating anyone.

BRYCE.My younger brother.A mini me but a boy basically.To young to date.

My brothers relationship with me and each other is ether I will hide the body or I will kill you.Simple.

My mom.Brownish red hair.Who I live with.Outgoing.Tall.Has Ashma.Works at home.

My Dad.Greyhair.Who I hate.Tall.I will tell you why I hate him.He treats BRYCE Like a baby.Treats me and Tyler like nothing.Forces me into things.Got me to like fish sticks and know wants me to eat Brussels Spurots.Rich but lives in a apartment.

My mom and my Dad are Divorced.I get emotional when someone mentions him.Lets get over that.

My Grandma.Grey hair.Blue eyes(Why didn’t I get them 😦 )Awesome.Little.outgoing.

My Grandpa.I get emotional about him to.Grey hair.Tall.Who knows what color eyes.I never look him in the eye.He has All-timers a illness that makes you forget stuff in the present but you remember the past.Like if he were in the hospital for a long time he might forget me.Which is said because when I was little we were close even if he was grumpy.

They live with me.They partly need to because my Grandma can’t pick up my Grandpa if he were to fall.Its sad.

The Internet is my friend because find people like me.

Now my Real friends.

Mackenna.Short blonde hair.We are best friends.Our motto is “It doesn’t matter how long you have been friend it’s about how long they have supported you” and “God made us Best Friends because no mother could handle us as sisters.”

Emma.My friend.Dark brown hair.Green eyes.

Tori.Blonde hair,Brown eyes.

Shealyn.Brown hair with blonde streaks.Blue eyes(I think)

Lyida.Black hair.Who knows what color eyes.

That’s about it.I know I know.Not a lot.

So yeah.

Rant about:Vacations

Vacations.Oh vacations.What fun…not for me all the time.Imagine walking on the beach,min the soft crashing waves next to the sunset…until you annoying brothers show up.My experiences are not the dreams you have.

Car ride there.Worst.Part.Want to know why?I am the one shoved between to annoying boys while another one is whining that he can’t sleep when I can’t even move.Which means I can’t sleep.Then I get hungry.So I beg.No flipping food.And we are in the middle of the Smokey Mountains( I think) Then I have to go to the bathroom.See?My car trips are not ideal.What funny is that my Dad is taking me to his house and I am in the backseat with my brothers.

Unpacking and Packing.Lets start with packing.One part I hate.What do I bring?Swim suit?Leggings?Winter coat?Shorts?Long sleeves?Tanktops?Sweaters?UGHHHH.Once I get everything I Forget my iPad.My life is in my iPad!(Guess what I am updating on?IPAD.) see?Then I have to grab my waver Iron and my curling iron.Then I forget my glasses so let’s go find them!

Going back.It is more crowded because of extra stuff.Same way there and back.

See?I don’t like these parts.

What I like is
1) Not 8 people in my families 8 seater van.
a.That will never happened sadly.
2)There is room in the van,

I never come back relaxed after vacations.

I guess that is just me

The truth

The truth about me.
You PROBLEMLY think I am a teenager but you are wrong.I am a Mature Adult.Well mostly.I found those stories in one of my old notebooks.I would of wrote more but I couldn’t read them.I am not the best at neat handwriting.I have found more notebooks but I have not yet read them yet.I have typos to in my writings.

You are shock,I am sure of it.I do have a app called Wattpad that I post stories and they are…well for more mature readers.I would tell you it but that gives to much away.

If you are on Wattpad and have read ‘My Mistakes,Your Mistakes,Our Mistakes’ or some of ‘Virign?I think not’ and a new one I am going to write you know who I am.You also think I am that Immature teen,but it’s just my writing when it comes to that stuff.

What Makes a Bad Word a Bad Word?

Dysfunctional Literacy

I'm usually a polite guy, but sometimes certain inappropriate words must be said (image via wikimedia) I’m usually a polite guy, but sometimes an  inappropriate word must be uttered. (image via wikimedia)

I yelled out “Sh*t!” in the grocery store today.  It was a little out of character for me.  I rarely use profanity or bad language when I’m out in public.

In this case, I might have been justified. I was reaching for one of those metal handles in the refrigerated section, and I got zapped so hard I could hear the “ZZzzzpppp!”  I yelped out my profanity and danced around swinging my hand when I noticed a family with a bunch of kids watching me.  I’m not sure if they found my profanity or my dancing (or maybe both) curious, so I moved on, embarrassed.

Maybe I shouldn’t have felt bad.  “Sh*t!” is just a word.  I mean, it’s one of those words that I was taught not to say as a kid, but it’s still…

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Gaining My BestFriend

One day there was a little girl named Tara.And that little girl had feathery brown hair.She was very shy,but beautiful.She didn’t have friends.Tara wanted a BFF.She was in fourth grade.

Now this little girl didn’t have many friends.She was a outcast.Then she met Mackenna,a very shy but she had dirty Blonde hair.She was also a outcast.

Now these girls clicked and they soon became best friends.No one could doubt there friendship.

Now Mackenna and I are still BFF even after the BF thingy.

Breaking up and Getting Back together?

Okay so this year,After a 3 year relationship with Jack he breaks up with me.I am heartbroken.My best friend was going to kill him.

Then it hit me.I should make him jealous and get back with me!And I could try with my crush.Who knows me.So I ask my crush.I now know why they are called crushes.

Because they crush you.He rejected me.I break down not knowing what to do.I need someone.More like Jack.Turns out Jack also missed me.One of my friends ask him.He is like ‘Yes of course’My friend tells me.I ask hi to make sure.I am shocked but I also didn’t quite like my friend for just asking him for me.Me and Jack are together,so I am Happy!


My Best Friend….Dating My Twin?

Yep you read it.I hated it.i wasn’t jealous because I had my boyfriend.But my best friend wanted me to help get my brother.I wasn’t in for it but she threaten to tell my Boyfriend about my secret crush I HAD.So I give in.

I write to notes because she can’t do it for some apparent reason.My brother looks like I am crazy but I say it’s from my best friend(Her name is Mackenna and twin is Tyler…Tylenna?OHH I LIKE THAT!!I AM TACK OR JARA.Yes.I hate my ship names.SIDE TRACKED SORRY)

So Mackenna soon asked my brother out.He finally says yes.But I disagree.I start to ignore my twin.He gets mad at me.And I get pissed because he won’t leave me alone.

So I come up with a evil plan.Since I am the messages between Mackenna and Tyler I will fake that Tyler is breaking up then they argue and bam,it’s over!

So I start this all out.First I say something and she looks confused.I try again another day.She gets the message.She gets all angry at Tyler and Tyler is confused.I would be angry.Did I mention I wanted to break them up because he took her first kiss?Oh well.

I hope you enjoyed.I will do more.


Asking Out My Current BoyFriend

It was difficult.First off,the girl who is my enemy flirted with him so I got mad at that.I still hate the girl.Of that topic.I was in love with my brother Best Friend.Now,I brother was extremely mad.But he is my twin.And whatever pain her bears,I bear.I hate it but oh well.

So this guys name was Jack.He has Glass and he is red headed.My friends are like”What do you see in him?”And crap.Me and Jack were somewhat friends.He respected me and his personality was great.That what I fell for.But back end,of course one of my friends was dating him.When she saw me talking with Jack,she look jealous.That lead to conflict(Aka hate towards me)and lead to there breakup.I was happy because,well I wanted to date him.

I was a scaredy cat.I wouldn’t ask face to face.I had to write notes.First I asked if he liked me in any way shape or form.He said he liked me as a friend.Well that doesn’t help.But I am not giving up.Thats not me.

So it gets awkward.I decided to ask him,the question since he won’t.But of course we hanged out.The latest one was considered a date.I don’t write a note this time.I ask him face to face.

But that is also awkward.He says he we tell me later.I am like WTF.I want to know!But he has to make me wait.The girl that is flirting and crap is still after him to.She hates me.

So during free period he asked me to talk to him in pravite.My friends look confused.He drags me outside.”About that question.Does this answer it?”He smirks and kissed me.My first kiss.”Is that a yes?”I ask.He nods and I awkwardly hurry back to my friends.

I explain.They get jealous because they have failed in there dating life.I have to explain the kiss to even though it is awkward too.Well that is my story.


Need a Laugh?I got Jokes!

So a man crashed his car i front of this large house.
The people helped him and let him stay he night
But he heard a noise.
“What is that noise?”He asked
“We cannot tell you infill you are one of us.”
So he did everything to become one.
“Follow me”The leader said and he walked into a dark room.
Want to know what it is?
I can’t tell you.
You aren’t one.

You didn’t read the number HA

I’m a barbie girl in a barbie world.
You read that in the annoying Barbie voice.


There were two muffins in a oven
One said “Boy is it hot in here”
The other one screamed.”OH MAH GAWD ITS A TALKING MUFFIN!!”At the top of his lungs